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Making certain you are comfortable is our priority through all aspects of your experience with Rouse Signature Dentistry.
At Rouse Signature Dentistry, we strive to build a personal connection and foster a long-term relationship with you.

Stacy Koch - Office Manager

Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Cathy has enjoyed her professional commitment to the dental field for over thirty-four years. As one of the lead hygienists at Rouse Signature Dentistry for over 6 years, Cathy, a former clinical assistant professor in dental hygiene, genuinely believes in educating and engaging the patient in oral health and wellness. When asked “What do you love most about being in dentistry?” she remarks, “. . .everything. . .it suits me perfectly!”

Miranda Quiroga, R.D.A. - Front Office

Managing a practice’s front desk operation with excellence and organizational finesse is tantamount to a dental office’s success, and Candace’s signature style in customer service and effectiveness is equally signature. Her charm bespeaks of the friendly community of Pleasanton, Texas, and it’s that friendliness that is a part of her personality with our patients. With over ten years of professional experience in the dental field, not only as a registered dental assistant, but also as a liaison in management, Candace regards excellence in Preventive Care, Continuing Education, and Patient Interaction among the base of her dental philosophy.

Vicki Burg, R.D.H. - Dental Hygienist

To have the in house expertise of a certified dental technician (CDT) is chief among the coveted wants and needs of any dental practice, and Sabina represents her professional background with excellence and meticulousness as the CDT of Rouse Signature Dentistry….for nearly a decade! The in house lab even bears her name as Sabina’s Lab and receives referral work from other dentists all over Texas! Originally from Karlsruhe, Germany, her uniqueness in certifications in crown and bridge skill set , as a ‘denturist,’ and a former dental assistant for over 15 years, lends itself to the success of the practice. When she’s not working on designing, waxing up, or creating, she loves to spend time with her family and enjoying a good cup of coffee!

Sabina Sanders, C.D.T. - Dental Technician

If you listen closely, you might hear a glimpse of her Oklahoma City accent, yet her expertise is unmistakable as one of Rouse Signature Dentistry’s RDAs. The varied sense of the practice includes Jodi’s expertise as the coordinator of Dental Sleep Medicine, and she is a professional part Rouse’s select lectures on sleep prosthodontics. Having worked in Ft. Worth, Tulsa, and San Antonio reinforces her leadership in practice management, and when she’s not enjoying dentistry, she loves being a mom, including PTA meetings and homeroom liaison alongside sporting events for her two amazing sons Jack and Riley.

Megan Crout, R.D.A. - Dental Assistant

Dentistry has been Sherril’s career-driven passion for over 33 years, and a significant part of her professional commitment has been with Rouse Signature Dentistry! Having been a part of the Rouse team for over 19 years, Sherril’s signature is literally a teaching philosophy of empowering her patients with education. If you ask her what she treasures the most about her tenured career, she will always respond with “I love the patients the most because I get to embody a biblical principle of giving back to my patients by teaching them with interdependent care that will last a lifetime.”

Rebecca Wiglesworth, R.D.A. - Dental Assistant

There is an art to mixing business with pleasure, and Michael has the crafty task amidst his responsibilities. When he’s not maintaining fiscal ethics and solvency alongside the business of oversight management and target marketing as chief operating officer (COO) of Rouse Signature Dentistry, Rouse Signature Lectures, and CORE Dentistry, he’s working on his doctorate, traveling for the Rouses, or strategizing for the next big case or Rouse lecture. A part from his child, an 83lb yellow Labrador named, America, and his passion for at-risk education philanthropy, and his SA Spurs, (he’s still awaiting that call from Coach Popovich to be a center or forward) he credits his office team as his family and the practice as ‘home away from home’.

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