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What is Prosthodontics

Prosthodontists are dental specialists trained in state-of-the-art techniques and procedures required for patients who need complex treatment to restore optimum oral functions and esthetics. Drawing on the Prosthodontist’s advanced training and specialized skills adds an important dimension to the treatment planning and patient care provided by the General Dentist. Prosthodontists collaborate with General Dentists and other specialists to develop solutions to the dental and oral health concerns of the individual patient.

Whether working in an advisory capacity with the General Dentist or actually providing specialized treatment, the Prosthodontist’s collaboration can be a valuable asset in the planning and delivery of care for patients with complex oral conditions.

Benefits of referral

When it comes to providing exceptional patient care, collaboration really is the key to success. At Rouse Signature Dentistry, we believe in the power of referral to truly enhance the patient experience. We frequently work with other providers to give patients the best possible experience and treatment. When you walk into our office, you receive our signature promise. Even if a patient’s treatment isn’t completed in our office, we stay a part of the treatment plan and committed to their success.

Our robust referral program and network of trusted providers grows all the time, and we are honored to work with so many exceptional care providers from all over. Our team at Rouse Signature Dentistry is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and thrives on collaborative efforts to improve the wellness of the members of our community and beyond.

Referral gives patients the benefit of collaboration between multiple expert providers. We are committed to remaining a part of the care team for every patient who comes into our office.

Referring patients with complex problems yields better patient outcomes. Because patients benefit from multiple perspectives, we often see better patient outcomes, compliance, and satisfaction.

Multiple opinions inspire patient confidence and trust in the care team. Patients who benefit from referrals can take comfort in knowing that they have a team of people all working together in their best interest.

Real patients real results


The Dental Care needs of I and my family have been served by this outstanding health care organization for over 20 years. The staff members are professional, personable and precise. They are clear in their communication processes and provide their patients with information that is required to facilitate patient understanding of all procedural requirements. This is an exceptional service system, and it is my hope that others will allow themselves to participate in this health care process, as my family has done for so many years.

Prosthodontics Referrals & Information

When your prosthodontics patient presents complex esthetic and functional challenges, your best option may be referral to or consultation with a prosthodontist.

Treating patients with severely resorted ridges, bony interferences or significantly inadequate vertical dimension can be difficult and the design and placement of prosthodontic appliances for such patients is often time consuming and frustrating. With such patients, consultation with or referral to a Prosthodontist can help assure a satisfactory outcome. For patients with Class 3 or Class 4 Complete Edentulism, consultation with or referral to a Prosthodontist is strongly recommended. The Classification System for Complete Edentulism developed by the American College of Prosthodontists and widely accepted by U.S. dental schools, categorizes edentulous patients according to level of complexity. [See T, McGarry, et al., Classification System for Complete Edentulisin, 1 Prosthodontics 8(1):27-39, March 1999.]

The design and fabrication of new dentures for patients with impaired cognitive status or diminished neuromuscular skills, may necessitate a complex mental and emotional evaluation supplementing an assessment of bone volume and tissue condition. Neurological or psychological problems such as depression or cognitive disorders, including all stages of Alzheimer¹s disease, complicate treatment planning and delivery. Prosthodontists are trained in the management of such patients.

Implementing treatment plans for patients whose oral/occlusal condition has evolved in unexpected and complicated ways during dental treatment can be challenging. Because not every outcome can be predicted during planning, referral of these patients to a Prosthodontist may be the best option.

Patients with severe functional deficits resulting from trauma, cancer surgery or as a result of developmental defects such as cleft palate or other craniofacial anomalies present special challenges. Procedures that fail to take into account the long-term occlusal requirements of such individuals may lead to further functional or esthetic problems. Your prosthodontist colleagues draw on their advanced training and experience to assist you: by acting in an advisory capacity as you plan treatment for patients with difficult problems. by providing specialized treatment as an element in your treatment plan. by managing patients with complex and/or multidisciplinary treatment needs.

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