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TOPICS AVAILABLE     abbreviated listing                   Jeffrey S. Rouse

“Prosthodontic Foundations for Seattle Study Clubs ”

This potpourri of prosthodontic topics is designed to elevate the restorative skills of your SSC. It is an excellent course for study clubs looking to balance the restorative expertise of its’ practitioners and still stimulate its’ most sophisticated members. Topics establish a foundation for routine fixed, removable, and implant prosthodontic care and may be tailored for your Club. As a member of a SSC, Dr. Rouse understands the importance of quality diagnostic casts mounted accurately on an articulator during your interdisciplinary treatment planning sessions. This lecture will reinforce to all practitioners the steps required to achieve this minimum standard for participation.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of program: 1 Day

“Complex Prosthodontic Rehabilitations: Everyday Challenges on Steroids”

The challenges faced in complex interdisciplinary dentistry cases can feel overwhelming. This lecture will provide a toolbox full of tricks that will improve the predictability of complicated restorative dentistry. Topics may be customized for your Club and can include such confounding issues as: restorative position (CR, MIP or neuromuscular), adjusting occlusions for function and parafunction, altering vertical dimension, accurately transferring from wax-up to provisionals, planning interocclusal registrations, and sequencing of specialist’s care.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of program: 1 Day

“Sleep Apnea, Sleep Bruxism and Sleep-Related GERD: The Bruxism Triad”

This presentation provides a review of the current scientific literature on sleep disordered breathing and bruxism. Many of the myths and misconceptions about bruxism will be debunked. Wear patients will be categorized into stress related and sleep related nocturnal bruxers. The stress related upper airway resistance bruxer is linked to fatigue, headaches, muscle pain and TMD. The sleep related Bruxism TRIAD- sleep bruxism, GERD, and obstructive sleep apnea – will be explored. Most lectures on sleep dentistry focus on sleep and forget the dentistry. Dr Rouse will integrate sleep biology into restorative mechanics in an effort to resolve patients’ tooth wear and systemic damage. The interdisciplinary association of restorative dentists, orthodontists and sleep medicine physicians will also be discussed.

Attendees: Doctors, Specialists & Staff / Length of program: 1 Day

“ Global Diagnosis: A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis & Treatment Planning”

This course is a must for the SSC having difficulty with focus and participation during treatment planning sessions. It provides a systematic approach to interdisciplinary diagnosis and a participant presentation template. Historically, dentists collect large amounts of data, mount casts, and wax teeth based on an occlusal philosophy. They are then expected to make a “global” treatment plan based on a lot of “regional” diagnoses, i.e. caries status, periodontal health, etc. It is the purpose of this lecture to present a diagnostic method based on the concept of “global” diagnosis. The guidelines will be distilled into the “Five Questions” required to diagnose and provide interdisciplinary treatment of the worn or gummy smile. Finally, your club will be provided a PowerPoint template for treatment planning sessions. Your members will simply fill in the blanks and a professional presentation is ready for the next evening meeting.

Attendees: Doctors, Specialists & Staff / Length of program: 1 Day

“The Forgotten Art of the Implant Overdenture and Fixed-Detachable Prosthesis”

Exquisite complete dentures set the stage for a successful implant overdenture or fixed-detachable prosthesis. It can be used as an interim prosthesis, radiographic stint, surgical guide, vertical/horizontal dimension record, and the final prosthesis at times. This lecture provides an upgrade to more proven and predictable techniques for complete dentures. Prosthodontic guidelines will then be provided for implant attachments, bar retention, palateless overdentures, and acrylic/porcelain hybrid designs.

Attendees: Doctors / Length of program: 1 Day

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