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I was taking a trip the next day to go see the Yankees play....it was 1030am...the day before..I found Rouse Signature Dentistry....on the Web...5 Star Reviews...so I went for it....called them up...Dr Lisa was leaving at Noon...I didn't have an appointment...but they said come on over 
Dr Lisa...took care of my Problem...even though she was leaving at Noon...I am a Senior Citizen....and I have never Ever....been to see a Dentist...that was "Way Above Any Dentist I have ever Encountered"....You need a Dentist...You Better Go see ..Dr. Lisa..and Dr. Jeff Rouse...

David R.

The Dental Care needs of I and my family have been served by this outstanding health care organization for over 20 years. The staff members are professional, personable and precise. They are clear in their communication processes and provide their patients with information that is required ta facilitate patient understanding of all procedural requirements. This is an exceptional service system, and it is my hope that others will allow themselves to participate in this health care process, as my family has done for so many years.

Leonard L.

I first started seeing Dr. Lisa shortly after she finished dentistry school and I still lived in TX. Fast forward many years, and many crooked dentist in other cities, and I now see Dr. Lisa AND Dr. Jeff Rouse at Rouse Signature Dentistry. I fly to San Antonio to get second opinions or anything major done by the Rouse team. So does the rest of my family. Not only has this ultimately saved us tons of money, by not paying charlatans in other places, it has saved us our mouths and unnecessary pain and suffering. 

This is a medical practice that does look at the whole patient and YOUR particular habits and issues. They find solutions specific to YOU. Dr. Jeff Rouse really does a lot of specialty work on sleep disorders as well. And if there is something they want another opinion on, they know the right people to send you to. 

Everyone in the practice has always been a delight to encounter. I don't go in often - since I do live out of state and get minor work or cleanings closer to home - but have gone in over a long time. It has always been a great group to work with and I'll always be a devoted client of Dr. Lisa Rouse; regardless of where I live.

Constant C.

There is a level of personal care and focus on my specific needs that I have never found in any other practice wherever I have lived in the U.S. I would unequivocally recommend Rouse Signature Dentistry to anyone seeking top-notch professional care.

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